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Papal blessings come to Vincent Court

Our community has always enjoyed strong ties with the Macleay Valley Parish, and in fact, the Parish’s fundraising and support was integral to the establishment of Vincent Court back in the early 1970’s. Today, these ties continue to flourish. Vincent Court residents are supported to stay connected to their Parish and faith through visits from Father James, our pastoral care program, headed up by Jeff Coade, on-site Chapel and Mass, and transport to services held at the Parish Church. And of course, our wonderful Macleay Valley Parish volunteers who offer such unwavering support to residents.

Everyone at Vincent Court was delighted that two members of our community were presented with Papal blessings by the Macleay Valley Parish in September. Current resident, Jack Chapman (aged 102) and former Administrator, Colin Hassett and his wife Patricia were recognised and awarded for their service to the church and the Kempsey community.

Jack has been involved with the Macleay Valley Parish since 1945 and has been a great supporter Vincent Court for many years. Before he became a resident here himself, Jack regularly visited residents, assisted with the annual fete and coordinated the weekly bus trips to All Saints Church. Despite being 102, he still helps the Parish and Vincent Court in any way he can.

Colin was Administrator of Vincent Court for many years from the 1990s. Along with his wife, Pat, they have provided countless hours of voluntary support to our local community. From playing the organ for church services, to helping local schools and charities and providing pastoral support, Col and Pat have demonstrated a long history of dedication and commitment to the Catholic Church and the wider Kempsey community.

Everyone at Vincent Court thanks you all for your wonderful years of service.