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Enjoying a pub lunch – Vincent Court style!

In February, we took 17 excited residents (that’s three busloads!) out for lunch at the local pub, at their request – and what a fabulous outing it was!

Quickly becoming the noisiest group in the room, the residents had a wonderful time socialising, sharing jokes and laughing while enjoying their delicious meals, like fish and chips, Caesar salads, chicken wings and schnitzels.

And while these meals are all on offer at Vincent Court, it was a joy for residents to eat out and connect with others in their local community.

Choosing from the menu and ordering at the counter were highlights, although many were surprised at how much food prices have risen! Our volunteers were a huge help in supporting our team members to provide such an enjoyable experience for the residents. The outing was a big success, and the pub can’t wait to have us back!

To find out more about our welcoming community, call our friendly admissions team on
(02) 6562 6062.