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Lunchtime at Vincent Court

Mealtimes are a great way for residents to connect and socialise

We love providing residents with opportunities to catch up with their neighbours in welcoming spaces. For Sister Cabrini and Margaret, coming together for lunch in the dining room each day has become a treasured routine.

“Lunch is always a happy time for me. I love to meet up with friends and eat delicious food. It’s become part of my daily routine,” says Sister Cabrini.

“Having lunch with friends, especially Sister Cabrini, means a lot to me, because I knew her before I moved to Vincent Court. Now, we’ve become even better friends. We’ve always got something to talk about, like what’s going on in the world, what’s happening at Vincent Court and updates on our families,” says Margaret.

Both Sister Cabrini and Margaret say they love the variety of the home-style meals.

“All of the meals are just lovely. I can’t think of a single meal that I haven’t enjoyed! There’s a lot more variety than I would be having at home on my own – I used to just stick to the same few meals all the time,” says Sister Cabrini.

For Margaret, it’s having everything homemade that makes all the difference. “I used to get frozen meals delivered, but here everything’s cooked fresh. I enjoy all the meals, and I can ask for something different if I feel like it, such as a salad or sandwiches instead of a larger meal,” says Margaret.

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