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Meet Sister Cabrini – who loves calling Vincent Court home

Sister Cabrini is such a special part of Vincent Court and is loved by our whole community. We sat down and asked her about her childhood, what drew her to a life of service, and why she feels at home here at Vincent Court.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Kempsey and our family dairy farm was in Monday Creek. I had three older sisters and one older brother. My siblings and I used to walk two miles to attend a little bush school. Sometimes we rode a horse, but I was happy to walk. All the classes were held in the one room, we played school sports, and every now and then, we’d have a competition with other nearby schools. Our teacher lived in the schoolhouse with his wife, and every Friday afternoon, they’d pack up and go to Crescent Head for the weekend.

What do you like to do?

That’s a hard question because I like most things. I like life. I really can’t think of anything I don’t like!

When did you become a Sister?

After I finished at the school in Monday Creek, I went to boarding school in Kempsey. Then, I went to college in Grafton and I met the Nuns who I greatly admired. I was just 17 but something pulled me to this way of life, and that was God. I don’t think you can perform this role if you don’t have God on your side or if He doesn’t want you to do it.

What do love most about a being a Sister?

One of the most important things for me was teaching in the infant school where I’d tell the children about God. They got to know who He was through me. I hope that today, wherever those children are, God is important to them. I’ve never regretted not having a husband – I had God so I didn’t have to worry about other fellas!

Why do you enjoy living at Vincent Court?

I used to volunteer here and I’m so happy to live here now. I’m part of a beautiful community, and I enjoy doing so many things with others, like handicraft and exercise group and helping others. I love looking out of the windows and seeing the trees reaching up to the clouds, with the birds singing. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. And I’m very well fed and care for. I haven’t a complaint in the world!

Why does Vincent Court feel like home?

I think it’s home because I can be who I am. And everyone around me feels like friends and family.